Welcome to the FAQ dedicated to the organization of the Urban Trail. This will be completed at the beginning of registration for the 12th edition.

To view the one dedicated to registrations managed by our provider, click here.

The first runner will leave at 11:10 from the Judicial City.

The second runner (6km) and the last runner (7km) will take the lift of the Judicial City, to go down on Clausen and take the bridge Münster. They will turn right on Bisserweg, 150 meters.

The return for the 1st and 2nd runner will be in reverse by taking the elevator.

You can register with a parental authorization to provide us with mandatory withdrawal of your bib. Without it, we keep the right to refuse your participation.

For your information bibs can be recovered the day before the Trail, on Saturday between 10h and 18h, in the village Trail City Judiciary.

The withdrawal will also be possible the same day between 8am and 11:00am at the village Trail. Remember to come one hour before your departure.

Reminder: no sending by Post !

The company in charge will be able to provide you the classification in different formats.

At the end of the day, a link on our website www.urbantrail.lu will redirect you to the provider’s website.

For more information we encourage you to consult the FAQ of the company in charge.

Of course ! Changes * are still possible Saturday,  25 April 2020 from 10 to 18h to the Cité Judiciaire.

* Any change will systematically result in an additional payment of € 3, thank you for your understanding.

The change of distance will be possible only the day before the Trail, Saturday,  25 April 2020 between 10h and 18h ​​to the Cité Judiciaire.

Attention: if the price of the race is higher you will be responsible for the difference. If it is lower we will not be able to pay you back.

* Any change will systematically result in an additional payment of € 3, thank you for your understanding.

It’s simple, send us a copy of your medical certificate or sick leave by mail or email, as well as the precise details of your doctor and your bank details. After verification, we will refund after the event, the price of the race to which you were registered.

Warning: Without this certificate or possibility to check, we will not be able to refund you. Thank you for your understanding.

You have the possibility to propose it on our Facebook page, and if you still have it the day before and the day of the Trail (before 11:00), You will be able to propose it to the people coming for a late registration, to our stand late registrations.

Warning: Name and distance changes are only possible the day before.

* Any change will systematically result in an additional payment of € 3, thank you for your understanding.

NB: It is strictly forbidden to negotiate your bib against payment elsewhere than at the late registration stand.

We put at your disposal in the Judicial City, changing rooms.

Warning: The a.s.b.l. Urban Trail de Luxembourg accepts no liability for loss, damage or theft.

N.B: You will also be able to have a shower on site or at the BADANSTALT pool at 12, rue des Bains (900m), between 12pm and 6pm. A free shuttle will drop you off.

You can eat on site, or simply quench your thirst. Stands will be open all day. You also have restaurants nearby.

The firefighters and / or ambulance of the city will be very quickly on the spot and will take care of you. For any costs incurred, contact your health fund and / or complementary mutual.

Move closer if possible to one of the 6 refreshments, a van-broom will get you back.

Not one bib for the runner is enough. Notify the organization by e-mail and provide a certificate.

We can not grant it, our Trail is open to 4400 participants with bibs, all races combined.

Yes, the overall ranking will be available on the internet. But especially the first veterans of each category will be rewarded!

Vet. 1: 40 to 50 years old / Vet.2: 50 to 60 years old / Vet.3 60 to +

All our little participants will have their medal!
However, there will be no classification.

As its name indicates, the FINISHER T-shirt will be given to you once the finish line is crossed! You have not been able to participate in the race, or you have not been to the end of your Trail, it will not be given to you.